Realistic and Enforceable Solutions for Spousal Support

Alimony, referred to as spousal support in California, is one of the most misunderstood and complex areas of the law. In California, spousal support is intended to help a lower-earning spouse maintain a similar lifestyle to what they experienced during marriage until they can become self-sufficient. At McCunn Law in Granite Bay, CA, we strive to help you obtain a fair amount of spousal support while minimizing conflict between divorcing parties. 

Drummond T. McCunn is an alimony attorney who takes a unique approach to divorce and spousal support. His advanced understanding of tax law and asset management means he can help you set up a strong case for spousal support and work to ensure you receive the payments after divorce. If you are currently involved in a divorce or looking for an attorney to begin the process, contact our firm online or call (916) 773-6100 today.

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The goal of spousal support is to balance the income levels between two spouses.

Understanding Spousal Support

For many divorcing couples, spousal support is the aspect of the divorce which causes the most conflict and distress. A highly misunderstood aspect of law, the goal of spousal support or alimony is to balance the income levels between two former spouses. In California, spousal support is intended to allow one spouse maintain the same lifestyle they had during the marriage temporarily. Ideally, the payments create an opportunity for the lower-earning spouse to become financially self-sufficient. 

A Five Step System for Success

At McCunn Law, we have a proven five step approach to divorce. As one of the steps, we handle all of your temporary orders for spousal support, property control, and fees. Once we have secured the family residence and handled any issues relating to child custody and child support, our team begins devising a plan for alimony payments. The courts typically consider several factors when awarding spousal support, including:

  • Ages of the former spouses
  • Physical, emotional, and financial condition of each spouse
  • How long the recipient would need to become self-sufficient
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Ability of the other spouse to support the recipient and still support themselves

Properly drafting a spousal support claim requires an advanced understanding of tax law, as well as the ability to fully investigate the expenses of your lifestyle during and after the marriage. Mr. McCunn has developed a process for divorce estate analysis. His abilities with taxes and asset management can build a stronger claim and help you collect after the divorce is finalized.

After Your Case Closes

Our services do not end with the settlement. Mr. McCunn and our team continue to work with you after your case closes to implement the judgements established by the court. During our divorce estate analysis, we perform a risk assessment to determine the best method for collecting the payments awarded. We look for life insurance policies and other assets which can be seized in the case of non-payment.

At McCunn Law, we focus on finding realistic and practical solutions which minimize conflict and improve your results.

In some cases, we may accept an alternative to regular spousal support payments, such as a buyout or discount, if these methods will save you money over time. This can help you feel more secure as you begin your case that you will receive what you need to rebuild your life after divorce. 

Easing Your Mind during Divorce

When a marriage ends, a variety of factors must be considered to protect your rights and ensure a smooth transition. At McCunn Law, we focus on finding realistic and practical solutions which help minimize conflict and improve your results. As a licensed litigating attorney and mediator, Mr. McCunn can help you find the right path through your divorce for your budget and goals. If you are considering a divorce or are already in the middle of the process, contact our office online or call (916) 773-6100 to speak with a member of our team about our family law services today. 

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