I recently needed some legal documents prepared. I couldn’t ask for a better experience, great staff, knowledgeable attorney and quick response to anything I needed. Job well done guys!

Jason S.

Drummond McCunn just represented me in a child custody case. I was extremely happy with the results I received from his representation on my behalf at court. He has a lot of experience, so he has a ton of knowledge and is very professional. He was very responsive to all of my concerns and even responded to me on the weekends through e-mail. He also teleconferenced into my court date to save me travel fees, so he tries to save you money whenever possible. He also has a great team of very hardworking staff to assist him. I felt he was honest and very hard working, and I trusted that he would do his best AND HE DID!!! THANK YOU, MCCUNN LAW! YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE AWESOME!

Laurie B.

Great lawyers. You can trust they will take good care of you.

Joe J.

Drummond and everyone in his office were awesome. I went through a very difficult divorce, having to split a business too. I would highly recommend McCunn Law!

Heather B.

Overall the experience was very good. During an exceptionally difficult and stressful time Mr. McCunn maintained a calm and pragmatic approach and was able to review information and go over long-term results so that I could make an informed and reasonable decisions. Mr. McCunn’s focus on fiscal outcomes was especially helpful as he was able to help me keep sight of my overall goals while allowing me to process my emotional response. The only issue I had was when there was a staff change and some of the information had to be resent to his office. Otherwise, he did an outstanding job with my case and I would recommend him to anyone who is having legal matters and wants to resolve them quickly and affordably.

Ricardo M.

Mr. McCunn is a superb attorney. Their entire staff is very professional and courteous and they truly demonstrate care and concern for their clients. If you need a Divorce Attorney, please do not hesitate to contact his office. You will be given A-1 treatment, timely response, and very knowledgeable advice and professional service. The added bonus is the very reasonable retainer fee and payment plan. While divorce can be a very scary and painful process, it is nice to know you have someone like Mr. McCunn on your side. I would not hesitate to recommend him as one the BEST attorneys EVER!!!!

Elesia J.

This is not the lawyer that people make jokes about….this man left another career to go back to school to become a honest lawyer for the people. He cares about his clients and does everything in his power to help them. He is everybody dream of what a lawyer should be…..an honest, caring, hard-working man.

Carol D.

I highly recommend McCunn Law. Drummond McCunn is an excellent lawyer and has represented me beyond my greatest expectations. He is both professional and ethical is his practice and has extensive knowledge and experience. Unlike most lawyers, Drummond truly looks out for the best interest of his clients. He consistently communicates with his clients and puts together a “game plan” ahead of time which considers the cost, time, and outcome associated with each step. There is no “guessing” if things are being addressed. I am so grateful I have had Drummond as my counsel. I was in a sinking ship with my previous divorce lawyer. Drummond not only brought my “ship” to the top of the water but also guided me each and every way to the shore.

Traci D.

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