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Achieve a Mutually Beneficial Solution with Divorce Mediation

McCunn Law is a Granite Bay, CA-area law firm that provides divorce mediation and collaborative legal services for divorce, legal separation, domestic partnership, domestic violence, child custody, child support, property division, debt assignment and other family issues in Placer, Sacramento and El Dorado counties and surrounding areas.

Ending a relationship is never easy. You need an attorney that understands each family has a unique set of circumstances, and a law firm that provides the best solution for the stability and safety of you, your children and your finances.

There are several new approaches for friendly and peaceful resolution of your family matter: “Do it Yourself” with Attorney Assistance, “Mediated Divorce” and “Collaborative Divorce”. We can help you select the best approach by determining the amount of support you and your partner will need to resolve your dispute.

  • If you and your partner have already come to an agreement, you can resolve your dispute quickly through a “do it yourself” with attorney assistance approach.In this case, the trained professionals at our firm can save you time and money by quickly and accurately providing you with the correct paperwork and process to conclude your matter with your county’s court system.
  • If you and your partner need the help of a neutral third party to resolve some sticky challenges, aid in communication and keep the conversation peaceful, a mediated divorce can aid you in resolving your remaining disputes.In this case, a trained mediator will work with you and your spouse to identify your goals and facilitate your negotiations in a private setting. The mediator will also educate you as to California law and how it impacts your circumstances.Our mediators are trained in conflict resolution techniques as they relate to family and divorce disputes. They are highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. They will treat both parties ethically and impartially while keeping the matter confidential and private.
  • If you and your partner would benefit by each having an advocate or divorce coach to help you articulate your individual goals and issues to your partner, you may select a “collaborative” divorce.In this case, one of the collaborative attorneys in our office can represent you in private negotiations and we can refer your partner to another attorney in our collaborative network for optimum cooperation.We will form around you and your partner a working team which often includes mental health, financial and other professionals to provide expert guidance in exploring the variety of solutions for optimal results.

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These approaches are available to resolve the following typical family disputes:

  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Legal Separations – married and unmarried
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Pre-marital agreements
  • Co-habitation agreements
  • Parenting, Child Custody and Visitation Agreements
  • Child Support and Spousal Support, including Modification
  • Property Division
  • Debt Resolution
  • Family Residence
  • Family Business
  • Move-Away
  • Parentage
  • Adoption
  • Retirement Benefit Division

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