Ensure Your Estate Goes Where You Want With a Well-Structured, Customized Plan

We all want to provide for our families and make sure our last wishes are carried out. We want our family to be able to care for us in emergency and not be overwhelmed in managing our financial affairs. McCunn Law is a Granite Bay, CA, law firm that protects families throughout California with customized wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, advanced health care directives and other estate plan documents. Our estate planning attorneyDrummond T. McCunn, can devise a plan which protects your loved ones in the event of your death or incapacity. For more information about our services, contact our firm online or call (916) 773-6100 today.

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Creating an estate plan can ensure your family is taken care of after you are gone.

The Importance of Estate Planning

To ensure your loved ones can easily manage your emergency, inherit your estate, and avoid costly expenses, taxes, and delays, you need one of our estate plans that will leave your family a gift rather than a headache. A well-structured estate plan is more than just a will, it also may include a:

  • Living trust
  • Pour-over will
  • Durable power of attorney (DPA)
  • Advanced health care directive (AHCD)
  • Schedule of assets and liabilities.

These documents allow your family to take care of you in an emergency and easily assume your responsibilities and your final gifts upon your demise. They must be managed and updated over time as your estate and the law changes.

In the case of death or incapacity, you need a structure in place to ensure your wishes are followed and your family is protected.

Not Sure Where to Start?

The seasoned attorneys at McCunn Law are here to assist you. Our law firm can walk you through the four stages of estate planning:

  1. Understanding California and Federal law as it applies to your family
  2. Selecting the type of plan and the trusted people to act on your behalf
  3. Drafting your required legal documents
  4. Structuring your estate to maximize the benefit of the documents

Our team can analyze your full estate and create a plan which works for your unique needs and desires.

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In the case of death or incapacity, you need a structure in place to ensure your wishes are followed and your family is protected. For more information about estate planning, you can explore our FAQ page or contact us online today. We are also available by phone at (916) 773-6100.

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