How To Protect Your Child in A Paternity Matter

When children are born out of wedlock, establishing paternity can become an essential part of helping the child to have a nurturing and supporting upbringing. Paternity lawyer Drummond T. McCunn can help you by reviewing your case and filing the appropriate documents with the court. Our office has been serving clients in the Granite Bay, CA, area since 2007. We have strong ties to the community and enjoy seeing our friends and neighbors get results that meet their needs. Let us help you today.

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Establishing paternity through the courts can be complicated. With Mr. McCunn's help, you can help your child experience everything to which he or she is entitled under the law.

What Is Paternity?

Paternity is a process by which a formal determination is made regarding who has fathered a child. The determination can be made by agreement, in which both parents acknowledge and consent to the paternity, or the decision can be put in the hands of the court. This process can be initiated:

  • By either parent.
  • By a local agency providing assistance to the mother.
  • As part of the adoption process.

Establishing paternity can provide a clearer answer when deciding who has certain responsibilities and rights.

Benefits Of Establishing Paternity

Both the mother and the father can benefit from a determination of paternity in the following ways:

  • To establish whether child support is due
  • To establish a right to a visitation
  • To modify an existing support or custody order

There are also healthcare benefits that come into play if the child is in need of insurance and can only get coverage from their father. And it is also possible for a child to receive military or veteran’s benefits if the father is or was classified as active duty military. 

How Paternity Is Established In California

There are a couple of ways to establish paternity, with the most basic being a presumption of fatherhood. If a child is born during marriage, it is presumed the husband is the father of the child. Aside from this presumption, the other ways to establish paternity are:

  • By taking a blood test
  • By acknowledgment, in which each parent signs a document acknowledging their parentage
  • By public perception, which happens when a man presents a child as his own in public and claims fatherhood to third parties
  • By including the father’s name on the birth certificate

If there is no agreement, or the parties are not married when the child is born, and a question of paternity arises, court intervention could become necessary. Attorney Drummond McCunn in Granite Bay has handled over 1,600 cases. He can help parents like you to navigate these matters in order to achieve an outcome that benefits your children.

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