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With a trust agreement, property and assets are placed into the care of the trust and held for beneficiaries. The agreement specifies certain rules for the distribution of the property held in trust. When an individual with a trust dies, there are specific legal requirements for how the trust is handled. Without the help of a skilled trust administration attorney, many feel overwhelmed when managing a loved one’s trust.

At McCunn Law in Granite Bay, CA, we follow an approach that allows for easy, affordable, and secure administration of trusts. Attorney Drummond T. McCunn handles the trust administration process in a holistic way to ensure you are protected. If your loved one left behind a trust, contact our practice online or call (916) 773-6100 to learn more about how we can help. 

A trust administration attorney working with a couple.
With our help, you can ensure your loved one’s trust is administered properly.

Steps of Administering a Trust

There are several actions you must take to properly administer a trust. Performing these steps correctly safeguards you and your loved one’s estate from wrongdoing and ensures their wishes are followed. The steps of trust administration are:

  1. Notify all beneficiaries and the settlors’ heirs
  2. Bestow title of real property to the new trustees
  3. Complete proper exemption forms
  4. Ascertain all other trust assets, such as bank and investment accounts
  5. Transfer asset titles into the trustee’s name
  6. Pay settlor’s debts and satisfy all liabilities
  7. File a federal estate tax return for the trust if necessary

There are requirements that the administrator of the trust must follow, such as keeping a precise record of all activities taken during the administration process. It is best to speak with an attorney who understands death and incapacity law before getting started, to ensure a smooth and legal process. 

Our Trust Administration Services

We offer a variety of services to assist with the trust administration process. Our standard packages include all required notices and detailed trust accounting to ensure your administration record is complete. Whether you want someone to handle the entire process or simply need a few documents drafted, our team can provide effective and affordable services. 

Our process can ensure that the assets in the trust pass to successors and beneficiaires with the least amount of loss, damage, and confusion.

Our firm has the tools necessary to make the trust administration process simple and easy for you. We are equipped to handle poorly executed estate plans drafted by other firms, and also provide representation in the case of a disputed or contested trust.

Why Choose McCunn Law?

Mr. McCunn and our team maintain a procedural approach to trust administration. Our process can ensure that the assets contained in the trust pass to successors and beneficiaires with the least amount of loss, damage, and confusion.

We strive to offer trust administration services that are affordable, secure, and easy for you to understand. Mr. McCunn has an advanced understanding of tax law and estate planning. With his help, you can ensure your loved one’s trust is administered properly, without the stress or difficulty that can be associated with the process.

Easy, Affordable, Secure

If you are involved in the trust administration process, you need an attorney who understands both federal tax laws and the requirements in California. Our team at McCunn Law has the resources to ensure all stages of the process are handled properly. Find out more about our trust administration and estate planning services by contacting our firm online or calling (916) 773-6100 today. 

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