Our Death and Incapacity Attorney Can Manage Your Legal and Financial Affairs

McCunn Law is a Granite Bay, CA-area law firm that assists individuals with issues related to death and incapacity including the steps needed to obtain or administer guardianships, conservatorships, probates, trust administrations and inheritance disputes.

Our death and incapacity attorney can help you care for someone dear to you in emergency, incapacity or death whether the issue is a minor having lost their parents (guardianship), an adult suffering from incapacity caused by age, illness or birth-defect (conservatorship), a departed loved-one (probate or trust administration), or protecting your inheritance (beneficiary).

Drummond T. McCunn

At McCunn Law, we provide a full range of services for death and incapacity to help you deal with a difficult time.

Emergency, incapacity and death may occur before a loved one has the opportunity to properly plan or prepare. Once the emergency strikes, the issue of property title and personal rights may seem overwhelming in light of the emotional and time pressures you face. Even with proper planning, one can feel overwhelmed with the legal notices, administrative tasks and financial accounting required in managing an estate, whether the estate belongs to a minor, incapacitated or deceased.

You need someone you can trust to ease the burden, manage the legal and financial affairs and allow you to focus on caring for those around you.

At McCunn Law, we recognize that caring for a loved one under such circumstances is often a traumatic occasion. Rather than dedicating the hours necessary to understand and navigate the complexities of California Probate Code and Property Title, let us help. With our years of experience in playing the title game and navigating the Probate court, we are not surprised by the steps necessary to secure the assets held by various financial institutions, to address any impending debts or to provide for the personal care of a loved one.

Our law firm is experienced in stepping you through the stages of administering an estate: understand how an estate plan and California law impacts the beneficiaries, address debts of the estate, identify the estate’s assets and debts, prepare the proper notices and paperwork for liquidating, managing and distributing assets, and administering the estate in a way that protects you from risk and liability while disposing your duties in a way that honor’s the wishes of your loved one.

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